Quick FM Transmitter

on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Quick FM Transmitter App is most valueable free app on the internet but unfortunately, its reviews are not so much good. Less people are satisfy with this app and the reason behind is that this app is not supporting by many Operating Systems. But still this very popular as it gain 3.5 stars at Google Play.

There is no doubt that this reputation is due to its free availability. If this application will be paid, then its developer may functionalize it more properly. Moreover it is supporting IS01, IS03, IS05 and Arrows EF.

Company has released most important guidelines to use this fm transmitter app so that people can not feel problems while using this android application. We are mentioning this here because most of the people ignore these and facing problems.

  1. Use the Antena of your Smart phone for one segment.
  2. This application does not work in Airplane mode of your phone.

This is very usefull application and help many people to solve their problems. You can download this app from Google Play store.